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Bereavement of Same-Sex Partners: Implications for Practice

Presenter: Lefteris Patlamazoglou

Recorded: September 5th, 2018

Webinar Overview: Bereavement of Same-Sex Partners: Implications for Practice

The increasing legal acknowledgement, visibility and sociocultural inclusivity on a global scale has seen an growing number of LGBTIG-identifying individuals seeking counselling and psychological support. This webinar will provide an enhanced understanding of the experiences of bereaved same-sex-attracted partners and the impact of grief and bereavement on subsequent romantic and sexual relationships. Implications for counselling and psychological practice and support will be discussed and suggestions for further research will be noted. The webinar will draw upon recent findings of relevant research and existing literature.

Those that would benefit from this webinar are social workers, counsellors, psychologists, palliative care workers, mental health practitioners and students who would like to enhance their knowledge about the bereavement of same-sex-attracted individuals and its impact on the creation, maintenance and quality of subsequent intimate relationships following the death of a same-sex partner.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this webinar, participants should be able to:

  • Develop a further understanding of the bereavement of same-sex partners based on findings of recent research findings
  • Identify the coping styles of same-sex bereaved partners
  • Distinguish the similarities and differences in the experiences of bereaved same-sex-attracted and heterosexual partners
  • Acquire practical tools in order to work effectively with bereaved same-sex-attracted partners, their friends, and family
  • Improve their awareness of the impact of bereavement due to the loss of a same-sex partner on intimate relationships
  • Increase their sensitivity toward the experiences of same-sex partners in order to improve their counselling, clinical and research practice
  • Describe the factors that contribute to disenfranchised grief and its impact on bereavement

Presenter Bio: Lefteris Patlamazoglou

Lefteris Patlamazoglou is a registered psychologist with experience in the areas of grief and bereavement. He has worked extensively with clients with a variety of mental health and fertility issues as well as court-ordered parents and their children. Lefteris is also a lecturer of online, on-campus, and offshore postgraduate counselling and psychology subjects at Monash University. He is an experienced researcher and presenter with particular interest in understanding the bereavement of LGBTIQ+ partners, its impact on intimate relationships and disenfranchised grief.

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