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Alcohol and Other Drugs - Why a Person May Choose To Use

Presenter: Tony Johannsen
Recorded: February 21st, 2018

Webinar Overview: Alcohol and Other Drugs - Why a Person May Choose To Use

This webinar aims to; dispel some of the myths around substance use and substance users, to explore the underlying factors that may contribute to a person’s choice to use substances, to analyse the affects that different types of substances have on the central nervous system, to examine the life events that may increase the probability of a person using substances and to discuss the ways in which a therapist may work (therapeutically) with a substance user.

This webinar is a beginner to intermediate level designed for anyone working in social services, counselling, psychotherapy or case management who wishes to increase their knowledge about the intersection of substance use, trauma (including developmental), mental health, attachments styles, grief and loss. This webinar aims to increase people’s awareness and understanding of substance use and substance users. This webinar is not for experienced AOD counsellors. This webinar intends to increase the knowledge base and expertise of individuals grappling with the often very difficult question of “how do I engage with a substance user in a more emphatic and therapeutic manner”.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this webinar, participants should be able to:

  • A clearer understanding of substances (drugs) and their affects on the central nervous system
  • Increased understanding of the relationship between, trauma (including developmental), attachment style, shame, grief & loss and substance use.
  • A more robust understanding of how to engage emphatically and therapeutically with a person using substances
  • Increased knowledge of co-morbidity (a co-occurrence of substance use and mental health issues).

Presenter Bio: Tony Johannsen

Tony is a forensic drug and alcohol clinician who specialises in working with complex clients. Tony also works in the field of Family Violence as a Men’ Behaviour Change Facilitator. Through working with mandated forensic clients, Tony has come to understand that substance use is a far more complex issue than the broader public often acknowledge. “Most clients I work with have experienced numerous traumas and developmental setbacks throughout their lives. I am yet to work with a problematic substance user who has not been or traumatized at some point in their history. I feel the traditional narratives for substance users are now very outdated”.

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