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Webinar: Having Compassionate Conversations

Webinar: Having Compassionate Conversations


Rebecca Coombes


15th of February 2023

Webinar Overview: Having Compassionate Conversations within a Service

When working in a service industry, it can be challenging to provide the appropriate emotional support required to a grieving individual. Using compassionate conversations, we can provide a safe space for discussion and expression of grief.

This webinar will provide the participants with information and strategies to navigate these difficult conversations. We will introduce them to the historical and contemporary theories in the field of grief, loss, and bereavement and explore the impact of grief on the individual and significant others around them. Your Team will start to develop a basic set of skills, including active listening, reframing, and how to manage strong emotions. Through compassionate conversations, we can move towards a more engaging conversation with others.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • identify common grief reactions and contemporary bereavement theories
  • recognise skills required to effectively implement compassionate conversations with grieving individuals
  • recognise the impact of working with grief on self