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Bereavement in the Workplace Information Sheet (x10)

Bereavement in the Workplace Information Sheet (x10)
Most people spend a good part of their day at work and, as a result, the people they work with can become like a close
extended family.

When a colleague dies, or when someone in the workplace is grieving a death, the impact on co-workers can significantly affect the workplace.

Each person’s experience of loss is unique; however, there are some common responses to loss. These include; sadness, anxiety, fear, mistrust, betrayal, irritability, guilt, anger, tension and loss of confidence.

Grieving people may also develop physical symptoms, such as headaches, difficulty sleeping, tiredness, changes in appetite, increased drug or alcohol use, restlessness, difficulty in making decisions and poor concentration.

These symptoms of grief can significantly impact a
person’s ability to function in the workplace and, in some work settings, may also impact on their safety.

Workers who feel cared for and supported are more likely to experience an improved recovery. Colleagues and employers don’t need to be experts in bereavement; however, it is good practice, especially at a management level, to have some understanding of the impact of grief and how to respond appropriately.
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