Coloring Your Grief

Coloring Your Grief
Grieving for someone you love can be exhausting, and many people who grieve wish that they could find a way to take a breather and quiet their minds. This book was created with that purpose in mind. In its pages you will find images and words collected by three experienced grief therapists - images that you can make your own using whatever colouring tools you like. Research on healing from loss suggests that grievers benefit from being able to move back and forth between focusing on the loss and focusing on things other than the loss - their ongoing relationships, work, leisure activities, and so on. This kind of flexible attention is conducive to healing, and it is what this book is designed to help you achieve.

Authors : Jane Vair Bissler,PH.D
: Sheri L.Goldstrohm,PH.D
: Phyllis Kosminsky,PH.D
ISBN: 9781523784486
Theme: Adult, grief & loss, coloring
Category:Adult,grief & loss, coloring, General Public, Professionals
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