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After Suicide Loss: Coping with your Grief 2nd Edition

After Suicide Loss: Coping with your Grief 2nd Edition
A 156-page book for people whose loved one has died from suicide. It is a gentle guide through events and reactions that often occur during the first year and beyond following suicide. Suicide touches the lives of thousands of people who must deal with the agony and mystery of this tragic phenomenon. In After Suicide Loss, Jordan and Baugher share their vast knowledge and wisdom regarding suicide bereavement. You are guided from the moment of personal impact through the first year and beyond. The authors assist you in helping children of all ages and they provide comprehensive suggestions and resources for people of all ages. Most of all this profound and important work offers you comfort and hope.

Author: Bob Baugher & Jack Jordan
ISBN: 9780983950592
Theme: Suicide, Self Help
Category: Adults, General Public
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