The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement is lucky to have some amazing volunteers, and we are so grateful for their support and their ongoing commitment. Our volunteers make a difference for people who are experiencing grief.
Thank you to all our volunteers and Happy National Volunteer Week 2021.

Susan Meyerink.

''I began volunteering to gain more experience in working with bereaved children but have gained so much more in my time with the beautiful KG2 kids. It’s a privilege to witness their insight and intelligence and we have a lot of fun!"

Hayley R, Vol Co-Facilitator for Kids Grieve Too since March, 2019.

''I am very proud of my 8 years involvement as a Specialist Bereavement Counsellor at the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement. I have been providing both telephone and face-to-face counselling every two weeks on a voluntary basis. I was previously employed as a Social Worker in mental health and this volunteer work has enabled me to have continuity in counselling practice with clients all while enjoying retirement from full-time work. I value greatly the support and professional supervision that is provided by the Centre as well as the opportunities for continued learning though courses, conferences and Webinars. Thank-you ACGB for providing great support for volunteers at the Centre''.



''I’ve been with ACGB for around two years. What I like about being a volunteer is: learning about others and consequently learning about myself. Many thanks''.

''As an individual who has considerable lived experience of loss and grief, I am acutely aware of how important it is to have the right supports during the grieving process. I chose to not only study grief and bereavement at tertiary level, but I also became a volunteer with the ACGB. In 2013 I became a Companion Animal Loss Support Group facilitator, in 2016 I presented my research at the ACGB Conference in Melbourne, and in 2019 I became an ACGB Grief and Bereavement Intern. I thoroughly enjoy volunteering at ACGB knowing at some level I am able to lessen the suffering of those in grief''.


''My association with ACGB began over a decade ago initially through participation in their excellent professional development opportunities. This led to becoming a Practitioner Associate with ACGB. I consider this a privilege, working with clients in their time of grief, and supporting them through the challenges of bereavement''.

M Mc.

''I first came to AGGB as a participant then went on to do my training and became a volunteer. I have been a volunteer facilitator for about 17 years. I have done some work with KG2 and death of a parent however the bulk of my time has been with bereaved partners. Having experienced the loss of my own partner I have an understanding of the pain and loss that many are feeling and I love being a part in helping them heal''. 


''I have been a volunteer for approx. 5 years. Our office has many amazing volunteers, who we totally rely on. I want to be part this organisation where my interest and aspiration of learning lies''.


''So glad I joined the ACGB/BSG community in 2017, a newbie by comparison still no doubt. It's the genuine interest and care of PEOPLE that I volunteer with, our BSG Participants, our Supervisors, your reliable friendly, weekly post/resources, and the other people we interact with at ACGB that makes me glad and grateful I can be be  part of the volunteer community at ACGB''. 


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