Secondary Consultation

The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement Counselling and Support Service provides a secondary consultation service to other practitioners to enhance their capacity to support clients that experience complex and prolonged bereavements.

In addition to confidential practice consultations, the specialist bereavement counselling team are able to provide support, advice and recommendations that relate specifically to working with bereaved clients.

Support may also include advice about psycho-educational and therapeutic approaches integral to bereavement practice as well as recommendations relating to grief and loss resources and service options.

Consultation is also available about organisation of professional development and customised training sessions for practitioners within the workplace setting. To learn more about current grief and bereavement training opportunities, please refer to Education and Training.

For enquiries regarding Secondary Consultation, please contact the Centre on 03 9265 2100 or contact us via email.

Price: $160 per 60 minute session. 
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